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Fivos Horse riding club have six horses where you can ride on. They are named: Casanovas,Apollon, Marco, Astra, Rampo (Rambo) and Rubbere. Casanovas is the teacher and leader of the horses. He is a very gentle horse who clearly is in charge of the other horses. All of the other horses follow him and we often ride him. The horses are very calm. When you go horse riding, it is important that you and the horse are moving in harmony. With your hands, the seat and your legs you talk to the horse. To shape the horse’s movement they have to work in conjunction with each other.
There is a constant interplay of effective communication. As your position in the saddle becomes more secure, the dynamic balance you attain frees your hands to listen and communicate precisely via the bridle. Good hands in any discipline clearly define the comfort zone where light or no contact tells the horse that this is the spot to carry his head. Using your hands in correctly will inflict pain on the tongue, the gums and the muzzle and the vulnerable tissues of the horse’s lip. This means that you do not get the horse to do what you want.

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Horse riding in Rhodes.

Horse Rubbere
Horse Astra
Horse Apollon
Horse Rampo
Horse Marco
Horse Casanovas
All horses
Horses Astra and Marco