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This ride lasts about 3 hours and a half and brings you at the lake of Saint John. You also go to Kalithies and visit the monastery of Moni Eleousas. It is a long but amazing ride, which is absolutely worth riding. First, you ride to the lake of Saint John. You ride between the mountains and you completely forget everything that was on your mind. The horse ride offers amazing and beautiful views. This horse ride is one you will not easily forget and is a great memory. When you visited the lake of Saint John, you ride to the village Kalithies. Kalithies is a small but lovely village and known for their hospitality. A little further, from Kalithies you can find the monastery of Eleousas. This monastery you will visit as well. After this visit, you ride back to Fivos Riding Center. What is so wonderful about this horse ride is that while you are riding a horse you get to see many new things and experience all the beauty nature can give you. The price of this ride is 60 euro

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Horse ride to the lake.