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When the pony is big enough for children to ride on, Fivos riding center also wants to give riding lessons to children starting from the age of six. This will be approximately in the summer of 2007. A pony ride will cost you 20 Euro each. When you are on holiday with your children, you can bring them here and you do not have to worry about a thing. For children riding a pony is relaxing and your child learns to be in control of the pony. It is also good for children to learn to be more secure. They will learn this when they are riding a pony. The pony is very calm and very gentle with kids. It is also possible to bring a friend with you. When your child is riding a pony, it is nice to watch him/ her do this while you are drinking a cup of coffee or tea. We have caps and boots on the riding center so you do not have to bring those with you. It is best for your children to wear jeans. This is nice and comfortable for them. If you want your child to take riding lessons on a pony, contact us and we can make an appointment. For your child this could be the experience of a lifetime.

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Pony ride